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Introduction - Colas Canada Natural Resources

ColasCanada Natural Resources - Introduction


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Colas  - Industrie minière

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Colas Canada is developing and building relationships to market the presence, expertise and resources of our existing strategically located network of subsidiary companies to be the “provider of solutions” for the construction, operation and maintenance of infrastructure to the Natural Resource sectors.


Safety is a top priority in all of the Colas companies and our target always remains the same, ZERO ACCIDENTS. Subsidiaries are constantly researching and testing new approaches to workplace and transportation safety modifying their accident prevention systems using risk evaluation, action plans, safety audits, toolbox safety talks on worksites, accident root-cause analysis, inter-company safety competitions, coordination of communication and management tools, safety induction for recently hired personnel, training courses dedicated to accident prevention, training days and awareness raising for road accident prevention.
Safety is, and always will be, one of the utmost important aspects of the Colas culture.


Respecting and protecting the environment are inherent in Colas’ responsible attitude in all aspects of our business. Colas is commited to being a responsible organization and we constantly look to improve our business activities to ensure that our companies are responsible stewards of our natural resources. Ensuring energy efficiency and maximizing the use of recycled products is fundamental in each of our subsidiaries, each of which have their own policies and targets that they uphold.