Colas Canada manufactures and provides various aggregate, emulsion, binders and asphalt and concrete mixes to the marketplace. From the rock to the road, Colas Canada is vertically integrated and produces these products for our internal use and for 3rd party sales.

Colas Canada and its operating companies provide, among other things, a wide variety of products such as :

  • Warm-Mix,
  • Modified Bitumen,
  • Surface Treatment,
  • Asphalt mix,
  • Recycled asphalt.


Colas Canada also provides specialty products that are truly unique to the marketplace that are designed and manufactured solely by the Colas Group. The Colas Canada product range is controlled by in-house laboratory facilities ensuring consistent quality and performance. We produce products that provide solutions to meet the needs of our clients; taking into account the geographic, environmental and performance requirements of the customer. Our products can also help contribute to a project’s Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design credits providing sustainable alternatives to traditional products in the marketplace.

The specialty products and services that Colas Canada offers are marketed through ColasSolutions, a division created especially for this purpose. Some of the unique products available to Colas Canada are:



EcoMat – Colas’ warm mix asphalt that is made at lower temperatures than traditional hot mix
Fibermat – the ultimate crack inhibiting and sealing membrane using chopped glass fiber strands
Coletanche – a bituminous geomembrane offering high-performance environmental protection




The Colas Canada Group specializes in the following:

Core Services

Road paving

Construction, preservation, rehabilitation and maintenance of:

  • Public and private road infrastructure
  • Industrial and logistics infrastructure
  • Commercial infrastructure

Other Services

  • Underground utilities installation and maintenance
  • Signage, safety and traffic management systems
  • Civil engineering structures and pipelines 
  • Building construction, restoration and deconstruction 
  • Railroad infrastructure construction, upgrading and maintenance
  • Design build and design build maintain services
  • Assets management
  • Cold In Place Recycling
  • paving of specialized products
  • Durable Road Marking (Paint and Thermoplastic)
  • LEED Credit Contribution
  • Public Private Partnerships