Quebec Airport - Sintra

BML-Québec was awarded the contract to rehabilitate the markings and tracks 11-29 and 06-24 of Quebec City Airport.

This is a two-year project.

The $ 20-million project consisted of rebuilding the intersection of the two runways and rehabilitating Runway 11-29.

The main tasks of this contract are:
• The installation of nearly 4 km of rainwater
• 55,000 m3 of excavated material
• 25,000m3 of draining trench
• 80 km of electrical cables
• 67,000 tonnes of bituminous mix
• 200,000 tons of planing (planing)
• Repair of concrete slabs insulated under the paving of the runway
• The upgrading of SSALR approach systems 06 and 24
• Refurbishment of main runway markup 06-24
• Installation of new atmospheric monitoring equipment.