Iqaluit Airport - Sintra

Sintra was awarded the civil works portion of the Iqaluit airport PPP project.

Iqaluit Airport is located 2 100 km north of Montreal on the 64 th parallel. Iqaluit is the capital of Nunavut. Nunavut has 32,000 people and covers a territory of 2.1 million km2.

The project involves 4 years of construction and 34 years of operation.
The project represents a $ 107 million contract for Sintra.

The civil works carried out are the following:

  • Repair and resurfacing of the existing runway and the 2 existing taxiways
  • The creation of 3 new taxiways
  • The widening of the apron
  • the canalization of a river
  • the construction of roadways near the airport